We’d never want any of our lovely customers to feel excluded when investing in a corset, but the truth is that for petite women, the traditionally-sized corset can pose something of a challenge. Although corsets are fully adjustable across the bust, waist, and hips, they are not adjustable vertically. This can be less than ideal for those with smaller torsos. An ill-fitting corset in this regard can be uncomfortable, digging into your armpits and perhaps even your thighs, depending on how long the corset is. At Corset Story, our regular length patterns are recommended for anyone between 5ft and 5ft 7. However, we also have a special range for those under 5ft so everyone can enjoy the beauty of corsets.

A corset is a classic way to slim the midsection and create an alluring, enviable feminine silhouette. This means that all of the tension is contained in the waist, making it the crucial measurement to get absolutely correct when selecting a corset. But for those more petite women, or even just those who find that petite clothing fits them better, it’s important to take into account the length of the corset itself.

Petite figures are generally considered to apply to those 5ft2” and under, but petite clothing can also be suitable for those with smaller torsos for their height. This makes shorter-cut corsets the ideal choice to really emphasise your curves and flatter the petite build.

The underbust is an ideal corset design for petite women and smaller torsos. Corset Story’s petite range has a lovely and neat selection of underbust corsets. As underbusts don’t provide support for the chest, we recommend pairing your corset with a well-fitting bra for maximum wow factor. Our petite underbusts can provide an immediate waist reduction of up to two inches, so achieving a gorgeous shapely figure takes no time at all!

Our petite corsets can be worn as beautiful lingerie or styled as outerwear to add an instant dramatic flair to any outfit. We use lightweight and breathable fabrics to ensure that you’re as comfortable as possible, and so that the petite ladies won’t have to worry about their smaller bodies carrying anything too heavy! Corset Story’s expert combination of lightweight and flat steel bones, coupled with sleek fabrics offer incomparable support and flexibility, perfect for everyday use.

In our petite range, you won’t have to worry about any uncomfortable sections digging into your skin - the correct positioning on your waist is made easier than ever by the corset’s waist tape, hip gores and cord lacing, combining to make an elegant shapely figure in seconds. These corsets are cut higher at the hips, to make sure they fit snugly over your own.

If you’ve been holding back on trying the magic of corsets as you were worried about fitting, our petite range is the perfect place to start! Enjoy beauty, comfort, and wonderful sizing all rolled into one luxury lingerie piece.