Throughout the year MCM Comi Con takes place across the world in celebration of comic book culture. Many of those in attendance go all out to demonstrate their various fandoms by cosplaying as their favourite characters from the world of marvel, anime, Game of Thrones and more. Cosplaying, AKA dressing as your fave character, is an essential part of attending a con.

Die-hard fans love nothing more than dressing up as their favourite character for comic con every year. The range of characters is vast. Superheroes, aliens, villains and all manner of weird and wonderful characters. With each year that passes the Comi con costumes get ever more lavish, face painting more realistic and the props and gadgets are increasingly indistinguishable from those on the big screen.

Cosplay is a serious business, cosplay enthusiasts take their art very seriously, spending weeks and sometimes months designing, making and meticulously hand finishing their outfits to ensure they are realistic. Transforming yourself into a comic book character is no mean feat, it takes time, dedication and some serious imagination and ingenuity to bring to life these characters. In a large part because the features and proportions of the characters are so subhuman, particularly their body shape.

For many cosplay pros, a corset is an essential component of their outfit. Most comic book characters have unnatural, exaggerated body proportions and a waist that can only be achieved with a boned corset that reduces the size of the waist. A corset makes the outfit more comic book and gives your costume more of a fantasy look. An overbust corset also provides a fantastic amount of support and provides a frame for the rest of your outfit. If your favourite character has wings or a tail, for example, they can be attached to the corset, and it will comfortably hold up the weight.

If you want to cosplay, but aren’t sure how to go about making your own or simply don’t have the time - don’t worry. At Corset Story, we have designed a range of corsets that make comic con fashion easy! After all, the outfits of the best-loved comic book characters such as Wonderwoman and Batman are already based around a corseted torso. Meaning, our expertly made corsets are a great foundation and a tool that can be easily customised to create your own unique, realistic and professional looking Comic-Con costume.

Our collection of MCM Comic-con corsets are fun, beautifully made and can form the bodice of a variety of characters from comic books, computer games, superhero and Japanese anime culture. With the help of one of our corsets, it’s not that hard to create a professional-looking costume that will garner a lot of attention. At Corset Story, we are passionate about cosplay and we love helping you embrace your fandom!