1950s Fashion

Despite the many trends that come and go, the lure of vintage fashion never seems to go away. Vintage style fashion is as popular as ever because many vintage styles are timeless and can be returned to again and again. Americana is a style that celebrates America's cultural heritage, history and folklore. It's a classic style that never falls from popularity. The Americana style is not one dimensional, it, in fact, encapsulates a number of different decades and styles. We love 1950's Americana, imagine drive-through diners and dresses with a tapered waist and floaty skirts.

In 1950's America, fashion prioritized elegance, formality, and perfectly matched accessories. In 1947 Christian Dior's "New Look" collection appeared and it became an instant success. The look, featuring a nipped-in waist and full-skirted silhouette re-defined the female silhouette and laid the foundation for all of 1950s women's fashion design. This style remained the leading style until the mid-1950s and has become an iconic style that is loved and still worn today. It is one of the most popular vintage fashion trends to incorporate into your everyday wardrobe.

When recreating this vintage fashion trend today, a 50's style corset is the perfect base. Enhancing your curves, exposing soft shoulders and emphasizing an itty-bitty waist. All you need to add is a full skirt of maximum volume to further enhance your shapely figure and accessorize with matching earrings, a necklace and pair of gloves. It's an eternally elegant and feminine style that will make you feel like you've just walked off the set of Breakfast At Tiffany's - Holly Golightly eat your heart out!

Another popular 50's style was Rockabilly. Rockabilly fashion combines the best of modest, Americana and sexy pin-up girl styles. It was all about figure-flattering dresses with pops of bright colours and patterns. To recreate the rockabilly style, wear a swing skirt or a high waisted pencil skirt with your 50's style corset. High waisted skirts have never gone out of fashion, they are a classic piece that will flatter just about any body type. Rockabilly outfits are all about the accessories. Cat-eye sunglasses are a must, along with cute and colourful headbands featuring bold prints, high waisted belts, and a matching clutch bag. You will look and feel like you just stepped out of a retro time machine!

At Corset Story, our Americana range perfectly captures the magic of 1950's American fashion. Our vintage style corset tops feature a variety of designs and necklines including elegant Bardot styles, high neck sleeveless shirts, long sleeve shirt tops and cute and sexy diner shirts. Each one has been created using beautiful vintage print fabrics and cut to give you a desirable nipped in waist.

The 1950s my have long gone, but Americana is here to stay! At Corset Story, we love helping you create your own unique vintage style.