Bridal Corsets


The most important and happiest day of your life, your wedding day. Corset Story are very proud to be able to offer brides worldwide the opportunity to feel at their very best on their special day. We love helping ladies select the perfect corset for their big day, whether it be to increase your natural curves, shave off the last few inches after your final dress fitting or something special for your wedding night. Consider the shape of your dress when selecting the most suitable corset, many brides will require underbusts as the back of wedding dresses can be quite low.

The versatility of our bridal corsets is their biggest selling point. The corsets that we have on show in this special section include steel-boned garments from across our online store, from simple corset tops to both underbust and overbust. These wedding corsets are an amazing alternative to the wedding dress and are surprisingly easy and comfortable to wear; at the ceremony, the reception or all day long. The soft lining of the corsets and the strong steel bones contained within (that can reduce your waist size by up to five inches) are the perfect combination.