Our Disguise rating is to help you determine how easily you'll be able to conceal your corset under clothing. We assess the fabrics, styles, and design features to see which will sit the most discreetly under clothing. When wearing sheer fabrics or bodycon it is important to be realistic on how much you can conceal a corset underneath. Our High rated corsets are our classic shapewear styles designed to conceal under clothing. Our low-scoring corsets mean there's no chance you'll disguise some of our designs but of course, we wouldn't want you to. Our comfort rating is based around 3 key factors, a combination of how it feels sitting against your body, does it include modest style features, and how easy is the garment to move in as well as get on and off? We assess the fabrics, styles, and design features to give the corset the most accurate rating. Some designs you might wear all day long, other styles might be less suitable for this. It's important to remember one of the biggest factors will be how tight you lace your corset, as a tight lacing will ultimately be more uncomfortable. We believe in finding the perfect balance between comfort and style, and our comfort rating guide will ensure you select the most suitable for your needs. Our waist reduction rating is the maximum waist reduction you can achieve from your natural waist with our corsets. Waist reduction is based on multiple factors, including body shape, body sizes, type of corset, and how tight you lace your corset. Corsets need to be seasoned before you will achieve your maximum waist reduction. You can find much more detailed information on this in the Blog section of the website.
Rating Rating Rating
1-2 Statement designs made to be seen. These corsets are often used as costumes with theatrical design features. It's unlikely you'll find a way of disguising these styles but why would you want to? 1-5 We do not sell anything that is uncomfortable, if your corset is uncomfortable you may have a pattern which isn't suitable for your body shape, or you may be wearing the garment incorrectly 0" Not designed for waist reduction these are fashion or comfort pieces.
3 Corset designs that you don't want to hide. Creative styles with extra special design features to create looks you'll want to show off. 1" Our smooth shaping 1" Reduction corsets are great fashion corsets so you can stay stylish and comfortable all day long.
4 Our elevated outerwear, including top, dresses and shirts! These styles are made to be seen while concealing and incorporating corset shapewear beneath them. In these styles, you'll recognize the corset details like a busk, boning channels, or lacing which we think add a touch of true Corset Story styling to the designs.
5 Difficult to disguise, likely from outerwear ranges designed to look like tops with fashionable features you want to show off. Frills and off the shoulder sleeves or decorative high necklines would make this design hard to conceal. 2" A corset with a flattering 2" reduction is a great option for everyday wear and comfort while creating a smoothing cinch to the waist.
6 Outerwear styles designed to be worn like tops or dresses, these corsets might have sleeves or high necklines that would be difficult to hide under clothing. 6 Corsets to be worn for fewer hours of the day than other styles. Design features such as heavy embellishment or accessories that look great and perfect worn for a few hours at an event!
7 Designs that were intended to been shown off, smaller details like lace trims or embellishment will makes it harder to hide but you might be able to disguise wearing this corset corset under looser clothing. 7 Corsets from outerwear collections including styles like our tops dresses and shirts. These designs may be heavier than your average dress or outerwear item because of the incorporated corset features, such as boning. However you certainly won't find outerwear that shapes your silhouette better. 4" For those more serious about creating an hourglass silhouette, accentuating your curves with an impressive waist reduction of up to 4".
8 Corsets that will hide easily under looser clothes, certain features might make the corset visible under slim-fitting items. 8 Corsets tops designed for outerwear, these corsets might include a few features that stop a higher rating such as sleeves, additional ties/lacing or less or fabric choice. Corsets with sleeves do provide additional coverage.
9 These are our best performing corsets thoughtfully designed to conceal under your everyday or special occasion outfits! Or Show off the choice is yours! 9 Styles designed to be worn all day long. We find the best fabrics, components, and design features so wearing a corset is comfortable and simple to wear! 5" Ultimate waist training, you will achieve the maximum waist reduction from this selection of corsets to really accentuate the body, designed for experienced corset wearers for up to a spectacular 5" reduction. We recommend reading through our blog post before tight lacing any corsets.
10 These are our best performing corsets thoughtfully designed to conceal under your everyday or special occasion outfits! Or Show off the choice is yours! 10 The Comfiest of corsets we have to offer, breathable fabrics, fit and components designed for everyday wear, making them easy to put on and so comfortable you might not want to take it off!
All Corsets & foundation garments will be difficult to completely disguise underneath body con and very tight fitting sheer garments, Dresses with scooped backs can also be problematic when pairing with Overbust designs Naturally you will find that your corset will be less comfortable the tighter you lace it, corsetry is about finding the balance between comfort & control that best suits your needs Not Interested in Waist Reduction? This rating will give you a guide to the corsets in our collections, from lingerie to expert level corsetry, as well as the support they offer