Single Layer

Thanks to contemporary pop culture icons such as the Kardashian family, waist cinchers and the wonders of shapewear are experiencing a renaissance. As is usually the case when a popular product experiences a boom, a whole host of innovative and cheap options begin to rear their head. While it may be tempting to invest in some of the newer and more wallet-friendly alternatives, we at Corset Story (clue’s in the name!) want to remind you why the corset is still widely available and used in the 21st century: it works, and is still to this day, the best shapewear you can treat your body to if you’re serious about fantastic results.

We make no bones about the fact that new body shaper clothing might be cheaper or ‘easier’ to take care of. For example, corsets are dry clean only, which may make their upkeep a little more challenging than nylon or latex shapewear. When you’re in a hurry, corset lacing isn’t hugely practical, and some corsets can be a little trickier to disguise under clothing. Yet we still believe that they’re the superior option over stretch shapewear.

Corset Story have developed a line of mesh, single-layer corsets designed with comfort and shapewear results in mind. These corsets are some of the thinnest that we produce, making them much easier to disguise underneath clothing and makes them perfect for everyday use. Our mesh corsets are fully adjustable and you can choose from an underbust, the smaller waspie corset, and an overbust. The latter offers enough support to be worn instead of a bra. However, all three can profoundly reduce the waist, are carefully structured to ensure a smoother silhouette, and can also be worn as beautiful lingerie. The ideal body shaper and best shapewear has already existed for centuries!

There’s another benefit to a corset as shapewear: the comfortable and breathable fabrics are second to none. To the untrained eye, nylon and latex shapewear may seem like the most comfortable option. After all, we’re all familiar with the traditional scene of a woman being ‘tied’ into her corset, which conjures up all sorts of unpleasant imagery. However, many types of shapewear (such as those made from spandex or rubber), are actually designed to make the wearer sweat and overheat. The actual effects of this, rather than losing a few inches from your waistline, are skin issues and the perfect environment for skin infections.

Enter again the mesh corset - these corsets are sometimes even referred to as ‘summer corsets’ as they’re so light and airy on the body, while guaranteeing an enviable silhouette. Think of our corsets as exquisite waist tamers: with covered boning channels for maximum comfort, and breathable mesh panels to make sure your lovely skin is getting all the air it needs. If you’re looking for more permanent results, your corset can be worn every day. It’s time to discover exactly why corsets remain the number one choice for best shapewear - original and best.