Mardi Gras

Whether you're a Mardi Gras virgin or spend every year celebrating on the neutral ground, it's time to start preparing for Mardi Gras 2020. Each year on Fat Tuesday, the carnival of Mardi Gras transforms cities across the world into a kaleidoscope of colour, exuberance and wonderfully rambunctious sounds! It's an annual celebration of excess and indulgence that takes place everywhere from Rio de Janeiro to Venice, but New Orleans's unique Mardi Gras customs make the city's celebration particularly renowned.

From the 6th January through to the 25th February there are more than 65 colourful parades that feature a whole host of weird and wonderful floats. Mardi Gras marks the exciting culmination of weeks of parades celebrating the Christian feasts of the Epiphany. The day sees thousands of colourfully dressed people descend onto the streets with folding chairs, barbecues and beverages to watch the floats pass by and catch the colourful beads and necklaces thrown by the passing krewes. Mardi Gras is one final blow out, one last bout of debauchery before the shadow of lent falls!

Masks, costumes and craziness are to the Carnival season as peanut butter is to jelly - unquestionably necessary! Sparkly headdresses, feathers and sequins are a must. At the very least, you must wear something in the Carnival colours - purple, green and gold. Not only will it get you into the Mardi Gras spirit, but you will fit right in.

When choosing a Mardi Gras costume, forget everything you have ever learned about dressing in public! Mardi Gras costumes are an outrageous cacophony of colours, textures and shapes. You can let your imagination run wild and create an outfit that is a true expression of your most eccentric inner self!

The first step is to decide on a theme, you could dress up like a Mardi Gras king or queen, a Jester, Lady Versailles or even a peacock. If you don't want to choose a particular theme for your costume, you could improvise and throw together the craziest articles of clothing and accessories that you can find. At Mardi Gras, anything goes! Mardi Gras is always more fun with friends, especially if you all wear coordinating outfits! Your group will stand out in the crowd as you follow the parade or dance the night away at a Mardi Gras party.

A beautiful, figure-hugging corset provides the perfect base to a vivacious Mardi Gras outfit. Nipping you in at the waist while enhancing your assets, a corset will boost your self-esteem and leave you feeling incredibly sexy. All eyes will be on you! Our Mardi Gras corsets are unapologetically lavish. Featuring the colours of the carnival purple, gold and green and finished with sequins, lace and shimmering beads - our selection of handmade corsets have been handcrafted to ensure you look and feel like a Carnival Queen.