Corset Shirts

Combining all of the benefits of the traditional corset with 21st century design, our corset shirts are the perfect way to wear corsets with a little bit more coverage. Corsets with sleeves will provide the same waist cinching and figure smoothing benefits of a corset, but look more like a shirt that you might wear to the office or for coffee with friends. In a range of colours and prints, our corseted shirts are flattering and stylish.

Our corset blouses combines the practical and beautiful elements of corsets, with the on-trend coverup that is the blouse. These unique corset tops ensure that you can benefit from the waist reduction and shaping that corsets provide while incorporating this into your everyday style. Our corset blouses offer corset coverage, ideal for those that love the idea of wearing a corset, but wish to stay a little more covered up than a more traditional corset top might allow.