More Than Just An Accessory: Braxtin Angelo’s Corset Story

More Than Just An Accessory: Braxtin Angelo’s Corset Story

Here at Corset Story, listening to our customers’ experiences and love for corsetry is what inspires us to keep on pushing boundaries, delivering the best service possible and developing the most innovative designs we can. 

We recently got in touch with corset lover and small business owner, Braxtin Angelo, to hear more about her experiences in the world of corsetry, and how the garment has supported her as a sufferer of Ehlers Danlos Syndrome:





“Hi there! My name is Braxtin Angelo and I'm a 39-year-old autistic mother of special needs twins, a small business owner, a partner and advocate for those in the disabled and LGBTQIA communities. It's important for me to live a life where I give back. I think we all go through life, wishing we could change the past, but I've wanted to focus on how to mentally encourage those who share my disorder, or others who are struggling, in any way, to feel validated and seen. Life is hard as it is, I think we would all benefit from more of a community aspect. 

I was born with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. It is a connective tissue disorder that affects all of my bone's connective tissue. Our bodies are held together by connective tissue, so my muscles are strong, but my joints, tendons, ligaments and all things that hold my bones in, aren't.




There are 13+ types of Ehlers Danlos (which I'll refer to as EDS) and I am the hypermobile type, or EDSh. This means my bones dislocate on a regular basis. Sadly for me, my dislocations happen very often. For instance, I'm currently in a boot because I walked to the bathroom incorrectly. 

Because of my disorder, many other health issues have also come up. Most common are heart (the heart is surrounded by connective tissue), blood pressure, brain, autoimmune and nerve issues. I own about 15 different types of braces. For my fingers, arms, legs, knees, neck and ankles. I also have a cane. I've found the largest mental weight that many people like me face, regardless of age, is that braces are bulky and attract negative attention. They also make the disabled community feel unseen and frankly, unattractive! 




I had a thought to try corsets when I finally realized that much of my right side pain was due to scoliosis and rib dislocations. I ordered a few from Corset Story and the moment I put them on, I cried with relief. 

Part of a challenge for those of us with this disorder is that we literally cannot sit straight. We can't hold ourselves together, let alone have proper posture constantly. Strengthening can help, but it's very tiring to hold everything in constantly. 

I'd say my largest pain is within my postural area, my spine and ribs. I cannot explain the relief I feel with a properly fitted corset! The longlines are by far my favorite. I find they add the most support, all the way down the hips. It doesn't hurt that they also give me my confidence back! 

To add to this, it's hard for someone with this disorder to be intimate, as one wrong move can create many dislocations, so the fact that I can wear them for romantic nights is also a plus.




This company has truly changed how I feel physically, mentally and emotionally! Not to mention that at the end of the day, my pain is so much better when taking the corset off. I feel more stable!

I can honestly say, the kindness and support from Corset Story has been phenomenal. From the customer service of each person, making sure a fit is correct and that I'm happy, to the fun new designs that constantly come out, it's been so wonderful! I was also excited to learn I was supporting a small business, that was also supporting me! Many don't realize how small this company is, and how hard working you all are! 

To anyone struggling with a connective tissue disorder, especially with their spine pain, posture and rib dislocations, definitely give this company a try – you will not be sorry! Also, of course, make sure you have a good doctor and therapist on your side to make sure your methods are great for your body. After all, we are all different and all need different things. Make sure to always advocate for yourselves, but to also listen to what your body needs!”