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Celebrities and corsets - who has inspired us over time?

Celebrities, Corsets and The Movies

While corsets are the focus of 2022, these Regency-era staples have a long and intense history. We’ve seen corset-style tops, dresses, and bustiers make their appearance time and time again, enhancing the looks of many prominent celebrities. Corsets in the news, corsets on the red carpet, on 'night out' paparazzi appearances, you name it. 

But why have these beautiful pieces that brim with subtlety and romanticism, taken over the fashion sphere yet again? Who are the most noteworthy celebrities who love corsets? 

If you want to get inspired and tap into corset fashion yourself, take a look at the ultra-feminine looks served by actresses, musicians, and fashion aficionados over the last 100 years.

Corset Fashion: Who are the most influential corset wearers?

Corsets in films

Moulin Rouge provided us with corsets and glamour galore in two of the biggest high budget adaptations. Both the 1952 and the 2001 version starring Nicole Kidman featured striking corset fashion in the most empowering way possible. Red was the color of choice and during this era, the trend was booming yet again.

Moulin Rouge is credited with the introduction of the modern can-can dance, and with sparking off the popularity of cabarets across Europe. The outlandish outfits of the Moulin Rouge's entertainers are stylish, exciting, and more than a little bit sexy, making them perfect for a fun fancy dress outing.

moulin rouge film image​​
moulin rouge film image
The Hollywood Reporter​​

Corset Story Moulin Rouge Inspired Corsets


Burlesque has helped the entire fashion world expand its sultry-dressing horizon. Firstly introduced in the 16th century, Corset fashion became synonymous with 1950s showgirls and modern adaptations in the 1990s. Who can forget Dita Von Teese’s iconic cinched waist and bedazzled luxury corsets? 

Christina Aguilera’s appearance in the  Burlesque movie made everyone understand the flirty sartorial impact of corset fashion. Feathers, universally flattering silhouettes, and crystals; what more can we ask for?


The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Bold, daring, and unapologetic, the Rocky Horror Picture Show will forever be a cult favorite with over $200 million in grossed earnings.

The corset fashion was as iconic as the show itself. 

The ‘sweet transvestite from transexual Transylvania' showcased how to wear corsets, stockings, and heels along with many more glitter and sequin looks which were also featured in the show. 

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rocky horror picture show
New ​​York Times

Popular celebrities wearing corset fashion

Sophia Lauren

The Italian actress - Sophia Lauren knew that corsets were the genesis of any outfit-building process. While there were celebrities of this era who liked corsets, Sophia Lauren was spotted time and time again wearing her bust-enhancing corsets and shorts in the ’50s and ’60s.

sophia lauren corset

Betty Brosmer

The corset is synonymous with Betty Brosmer, the popular model/actress that ruled the 50s with her strikingly tiny waste and out-there-personality. The pin-up girl glamorized the look and still remains one of the most well known representatives of corset fashion to this day.

betty brosmer


Madonna is a well-known, serial-corset-wearer with dozens of on and off-stage appearances to prove it.

From the iconic cone bra that created a media frenzy to lingerie ensembles with multiple rows of jewelry, fishnet stockings, and high-waisted briefs, corset fashion is a huge part of Madonna's wardrobe.



We once again saw corsets in the news when Beyonce rocked her lace lingerie-style corset with her casual jeans.  Ready-to-wear interpretations of corset fashion were always been a favorite amongst flirty-dressing aficionados and Beyonce is surely one of them.


Lady Gaga

Who can forget Lady Gaga’s striking Versace corset dress? Nonetheless, the singer/actress isn’t strange to corset fashion. From all-back latex bustier to intricate lace-adorned corsets, her flirty side is undeniable.

Lady Gaga​​


Rihanna is yet another on the list of celebrities who like corsets thanks to her numerous striking looks both on and off stage. Especially during her early years as a singer, Riri was often seen wearing corset fashion often adorned with fringes and crystals.

Hello ​​Magazine

Kerry Washington

Most recently, we saw Kerry Washington showing off her romantic corset during the ‘Women in Entertainment’ Gala making it clear that corset fashion can have a chic, romantic side.

Kerry Washington​​

The most memorable/recognizable corset designs

There are certainly many celebrities who like corsets, but when it comes to the most popular and instantly recognizable corset designs, not many styles manage to rival the iconic silhouettes below.

Vivienne Westwood

Vivienne Westwood’s corsets are simply iconic. One of her most famous designs is one from 1990. This design was taken from her "Portrait Collection". Vivienne took inspiration from 18th century painting and designed a corset to showpiece it


vivienne westwood corset​​

Jean-Paul Gaultier

Jean-Paul Gaultier’s corset fashion is highly coveted. He is the designer behind Madonna’s legendary cone bra that sparked controversy. On top of that, the designer has put out the memorable 1997 sci-fi flick, The Fifth Element collection, and is also the creative force behind many Burlesque costumes of Dita Von Teese (who also made a guest appearance in Gaultier’s Fashion Freak Show).

jean-paul madonna corset​​

Mr Pearl

The devoted corsetier Mr. Pearl is named this century’s creative genius. His extravagant corset fashion and the fact that he wears a corset 24 hours a day, 7 days a week quickly skyrocketed his fame amongst the fashion elites. Pearl has also made corsets for Alexander McQueen's shows which he modelled for in the Spring of 1995. 

Over the next 20 years, he has crafted gorgeous corsets for Chloe, John Galliano, Thierry Mugler, and Jean-Paul Gaultier - just to name a few.

Mr Pearl​​

Corset fashion through the ages

From the glamour of Old Hollywood to the creative looks of the 80s and 90s up to 2022, corset fashion has been adored by many. With so many celebrities who like corsets, finding all the necessary inspiration to adopt a modern version of the ultra-feminine bustier is certainly not a hard quest. It only takes a few moments to scroll through the archives of the most famous designers to find the most popular corset fashion that continues to make waves to this day.

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