Our sizing chart below is to be used with your body measurements. Corset Story "Shapewear" corsets are rated to a 2" Waist Reduction. This is already factored in to our size chart. Simply select the Corset Size which corresponds to Your Natural Waist Measurement

Shapewear designs will reduce your waistline through compression. This compression is created by the elastic properties of the fabrics used in Shapewear. Shapewear is easier to disguise underneath clothing than a traditional corset, however it is not as adjustable.

Corset Story Shapewear Size Chart (in inches)

Corset Size Your Natural Waist Measurement
US 2 24-25"
US 4 26-27"
US 6 28-29"
US 8 30-31"
US 12 32-33"
US 14 34-35"
US 16 36-37"
US 18 38-39"
US 20 40-41"
US 22 42-43"