Denim Cotton Expert Waist Training Waspie Corset



Waist reduction

Ultimate waist training, you will achieve the maximum waist reduction from this selection of corsets to really accentuate the body, designed for experienced corset wearers for up to a spectacular 5" reduction. We recommend reading through our blog post before tight lacing any corsets. Gives you the appearance of a more toned silhouette.

Disguise rating

These are our best performing corsets thoughtfully designed to conceal under your everyday or special occasion outfits! Or Show off the choice is yours! Comfortable & breathable, Suitable for wearing all day.

Comfort rating

The Comfiest of corsets we have to offer, breathable fabrics, fit and components designed for everyday wear, making them easy to put on and so comfortable you might not want to take it off! Sleek design with ribbon lacing.
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Expert Waist Training

Expert grade corsetry for serious Waist Training

Years of development and pattern refinement have proudly resulted in the “Expert Waist Training” range. Only the most experienced of our tailors construct these garments, which offer a waist reduction of up to 5”. Suitable for the responsible novice provided tension is increased gradually.  Click for more information on ”Waist Training”.  This range offers the most impressive results without comprising on comfort. Available in Longline and Regular patterns, Expert Waist Training corsets are finished in classic colours and fabrics.

  • Rated to a 5” Waist Reduction
  • Fully adjustable cord lacing & modesty panel
  • Loops for suspender clips as standard and loops for bra straps (overbust only)
  • Double boning channels throughout: up to 24 Spiral Steel bones per corset
  • Supreme support and control
  • Functional, sleek and classic designs

Style Your Look

Lepel - Fiore Full Cup Bra Coral


Lepel - Fiore Short Coral



Denim from our most sought after exclusive Expert Waist Training collection. This is the first denim waspie to be added to our collection. Offering the highest levels of performance and comfort, this design is an easy corset to care for & clean. Our waspie corset pattern is designed with the same busk found in our regular length underbusts for optimum coverage over the abdomen, however this pattern is shorter at the sides and the back. Ribbon lacing allow the corset to be more easily concealed, however this fine denim cotton waspie is also the perfect accessory for nearly all outfits. 

  • Style: Waspie, Regular Length
  • Range: Expert Waist Training 
  • Corset Design Features: Denim, Hip Gores, Shaped Top and Bottom Edge
  • Colour: Blue Denim, Mid-Wash
  • Fully Adjustable Lacing: 1" Blue Ribbon
  • Achievable Waist Reduction: 4-5"
  • Back Modesty Panel
  • Strong Waist Tape
  • 6 Suspender Loops
  • Outer Material: 100% Cotton Denim 
  • Lining: 100% Cotton Twill
  • 4mm Lightweight Spiral Steel Bones, 7mm Lightweight Flat Steel Bones
  • Busk Length: 8 1/2" (All Corset Sizes)