The pros and cons of corsets

The pros and cons of corsets

If you’re considering investing in a corset for the first time, but feel you need to know a few more of the facts before you can make an informed decision, we hope this guide will assist you in beginning your Corset Story!

Shapewear and other shape-altering garments have been popular for centuries, and with the hourglass figure becoming increasingly sought after, the desire for this type of garment is only growing. But with a sea of shape-wear options out there, making the right choice can often feel overwhelming. We are firm believers that corsets are a prestigious alternative to other shapewear options, which are often in the form of latex and nylon. Here’s why:

Corset Pros:

  • To put it simply, corsets are undeniably sexier than nylon shapewear! We are dedicated to creating designs that will help you feel more sexy and confident, and even some of our more functional corsets can easily be paired with lingerie to create a unique, feminine look
  • Shapewear can often leave the wearer with pinch points, whereas our fully adjustable corsets avoid this issue, giving the wearer full control
  • The adjustability of corsets also means that you can choose your fit depending on your requirements; whether it be for comfort, control or for the perfect fit as your weight fluctuates throughout the month
  • Corsets actually work! They are a proven shape-altering garment that are perfect for reducing the size of your waist instantly by smoothing and cinching your figure. Be sure to build up the tension of your corset gradually over multiple wears.
  • Shapewear has been known to create undesirable silhouette outcomes due to ill-fitting designs that do not work for all body types. Corsets are the solution to this issue as they are fully structured, and even if worn loosely are still more smoothing than shapewear
  • Not only can corsets be worn as a distinguished alternative to shapewear, the incredibly versatile garment can also be worn as outerwear, or as a costume for a totally different look altogether!
  • Ladies with larger cup sizes often have a lot of discomfort from their bras, with straps digging into their shoulders and a range of other uncomfortable issues. Corsets are a fantastic bra alternative and can offer a surprising amount of support – you’ll never suffer again!
  • A lot of our customers are office workers who have back and shoulder pain issues, and find that corsets are brilliant for improving posture especially whilst sitting for extended periods of time

Corset Cons:

  • Corsets can take slightly longer to put on – but practice makes perfect! If you stick with it, you’ll learn all the tricks you need for putting your corset on and taking it off in under 30 seconds
  • Corsets are dry clean only, however we recommend investing in corset liners which are machine washable, and will massively reduce the total visits you have to make to the dry cleaners
  • Corsets are a little more difficult to disguise underneath clothing than other shapewear options. For example, you won’t be able to disguise your corset underneath sheer or body-hugging clothing, but your corset has a lower profile than you may realise and cannot be seen under most clothing
  • Everything in moderation! As with anything, some corset fans can take it to an extreme level of waist reduction, and without experience extreme waist training can have side effects, which we at Corset Story do not recommend

If you need any more help in making your decision, please feel free to email our Customer Service team on, or check our out customer reviews on TrustSpot.