The Full Guide to Attaching Suspender Clips to your Corset

The Full Guide to Attaching Suspender Clips to your Corset

For regular corset wearers and occasional wearers, knowing how to properly attach suspender clips to your corset is a must. Our guide provides everything you need to know...

Corsets and suspenders go hand in hand, allowing you to create an entire costume or look, no matter the occasion. While corsets can be worn with our suspenders and stockings, they of course can also be worn alone. If you are a corset enthusiast, or even if you just have one in your wardrobe, it’s always nice to have the option of wearing suspenders and stockings to create a complete look. To ensure your stockings never slip down, or your suspenders never come loose, here’s a full guide to attaching suspender clips to your corset…

A flexible approach

Corsets are designed to be entirely adjustable and accommodating. Once you’ve found your perfect fit and you have seasoned your corset to your body shape, you are then free to tighten your laces or wear them loser as you find comfortable.

You also have the added option of wearing suspenders and stockings. You will find that some corsets come complete with suspenders, which enables you to attach your corset to your stockings to hold them in place. Whereas with some corsets you will have to invest in your own suspenders. You should find that most corsets do come complete with loops to attach your straps too. The loops are designed to be subtle and won’t irritate the skin, allowing you to add your own suspender straps at some point should you choose to.

All of these options means you can customise and wear your corset in a variety of ways, depending on your own personal taste and the occasion.

How to Attach your Suspenders to your Corset

If you are wearing an authentic steel boned corset, there is typically six suspender loops already in place ready for attaching your suspender straps to. You will find the loops along the bottom edge of your corset, and generally there will be three on each side to provide support to both stockings. The most likely positioning is two in the front, two in the back and two to the side. The loops are simple tabs that can be tucked up under the hem where they can stay when not in use, and are easy to push back down when you do want to attach suspenders.

Attaching suspender straps to your corset is a fairly straightforward task. Once you have a look at the loops, you’ll understand better how they work. We recommend taking the time to put on your corset and having a look at the hooks to better understand how they work.

When it comes to your suspender straps, each one will have a hook to one end. To attach, all you have to do is slide the hook into the loop. Make sure it goes all the way through so that the hooked end catches hold and stays in place. This is straightforward enough, but there is a small detail that mustn't be overlooked - the straps need to be put on facing the right direction. To understand which way on to put the straps, look at the clips where they attach to your stockings. Suspender clips usually have a metal or plastic hook and a rubbery tab or some kind of button. To get the positioning right, the tab should be under the inside edge of your stocking. From here you’ll be able to slide the hook over the stocking and the tab which will keep everything in place. To be able to do this, when you attach your suspender straps you’ll need to ensure that the hook side faces outwards.

In some cases there might not be any suspender loops built into your corset. There's a simple solution to this problem though, and a lack of suspender loops doesn’t mean you can’t wear suspenders and stockings. All you need is basic sewing skills and some sturdy cotton. Simply sew loops into the lining of the bottom edge of the corset yourself, or seek the help of a tailor to create a professional finish.

Once you’ve attached your suspender straps once or twice, you’ll find it becomes second nature and is easy to do in a matter of seconds. Browse our range of corset accessories here, including suspender clips in a variety of colours.