Corset Sizing: Should you Choose Longline or Regular?

Corset Sizing: Should you Choose Longline or Regular?

Think the length of your corset doesn’t matter? Think again. Read on to discover your perfect corset size, and whether you should choose longline or regular…

The fit of your corset is essential to how effective it is. While you might think measuring your waist and finding your perfect size will result in a great fit, the length of your corset actually plays a really important role too. For some reason, in the industry this is not well communicated, causing many women to wear the wrong length corset, which can cause discomfort and is unlikely to achieve the desired result.

At Corset Story, we focus on providing our customer not only with premium quality stylish corsets, but also with all the information that they need to get the most out of their purchase. Read on to find out more about why the length of your corset is important, and whether you should be wearing a longline or regular style…

Corset Sizing Explained

Finding your right size as well as your ideal length is essential to ensure that your corset fits perfectly. Sizing a corset to fit your bust, waist and hips is pretty straight forward. All you have to do is take your correct measurements - that means no breathing in or knocking a few cm off, the corset does that for you - and input them into our handy widget to get your perfect size in seconds.

We’ve created an easy to use online tool to make ensuring you get your ideal fit easy. When you’re ready to find your size, you can access our sizing widget here:

The tricky part of sizing a corset is the length, but we have provided everything you need to know to understand what length will work best for you...

Longline VS Regular

Generally speaking, for many the idea of a longline corset sounds appealing because it offers more coverage. If you’re on the fence between a longline and a regular style, you might be more likely to opt for the longline thinking this will hug you in further down the body. This is a common mistake, and unfortunately does mean that if you don’t need a longline fit, your corset will fit incorrectly.

We have developed two main lengths of our corset patterns - regular and longline. While this might sound confusing, generally speaking, it’s pretty straightforward to work out which size will be best suited to your body shape. We wanted to create two options to enable you to get the best fit possible for your shape, to deliver the very best results.

When choosing whether to invest in a longline or regular corset, your perfect size typically comes down to how tall you are. As a rule of thumb, if you are 5ft 7” and above, a longline pattern will be better suited to your shape. This of course means that if you are under 5ft 7”, you’d be better suited to a regular corset.

You can be doubly sure you are selecting the right size by measuring your torso. On every product listing, we provide additional product information, and it’s in this section that you will find details of the length of the design you are considering. To find out how it will fit, hold a measuring in front of your torso and compare the measurements, to get an idea of where the corset will sit on your body.

Why Choosing the Correct Length is Important

We tend to find that if you’re unsure of what size you should order, you might gravitate towards the longline styles. There are however, a few issues in choosing a corset that is too long for your body.

The first issue is the proportions. Corsets are designed to cover your bust, dipping in a little at the centre to create a cup. If your corset is too long for you, the fit will be too tight around your bust. This will cause it to continue getting wider past the fullest part of your bust, which will be uncomfortable and may look a little strange too. This is because the proportions are too long for your body - choosing a longline corset when you need a regular will cause the fit to be out across the entire length of the torso.

The second issue is that if your corset is too long and sits over your hip bones, you might find you’re not able to bend at the hip. This is obviously a problem for most, as sitting or bending down becomes awkward and in some cases almost impossible.

Third and finally, if you choose the wrong size you’ll just be uncomfortable, which won’t make wearing your corset particularly enjoyable. Corsets should be a pleasure to wear though and so discomfort shouldn’t be something you just have to put up with. If your corset is too long and you are able to sit down, you’ll probably find that your corset then rides up into your armpits and digs into the top of your thighs - this is neither comfortable or particularly pretty.

It’s clear to see that the length of your corset really does matter. In order for your corset deliver the best possible results, and be a joy to wear, it’s important to take a little time over determining your ideal fit. To avoid disappointment, spend just a couple of extra minutes measuring your toro to compare the designs that you like. If in doubt, please don’t hesitate to contact us for advice: