Braxtin Angelo: Corsets Beyond Fashion

Braxtin Angelo: Corsets Beyond Fashion

Find out how corsets can go beyond fashion and offer so much more, from the story of Braxtin Angelo who wears corsets to help with her connective tissue disorder...

While corsets can make you look and feel amazing, they can also offer some amazing benefits to people who need an extra helping hand with posture and support. Corsets are worn by a number of different people for a number of different reasons. For some it’s to achieve a certain look, or for performance, for others it’s to provide support and create an hourglass figure. But for a select few corsets go beyond this, as told by Braxtin Angelo’s story…

Corsets Beyond Fashion…

As a full time, single mum of twins and a small business owner, Braxtin Angelo also has to fight chronic pain on a daily basis. With commitments that anyone would find challenging, the addition of suffering from a connective tissue disorder creates whole new challenges.

Braxtin’s disorder is linked to Elthers Danlos Syndrome and a disease called Dercum’s, among other things. These conditions are considered rare and they aren't a walk in the park, and there’s little than can be done to improve things either.

One of the biggest issues that Braxtin faces is her ribs dislocating. In addition, because of faulty collagen located all over her body, holding herself up, in proper posture, has been a struggle for 36 years. However Braxtin has found her own solution - corsets. Wearing a corset to support her torso has offered her more freedom, and has even reduced her pain.

Braxtin says: ‘ Thanks to Corset Story and their well made, beautiful corsets, I have a bit more freedom. I'm located in Washington State in the U.S., in a smaller town, South of Seattle. While there are a lot of options for corsets, even around here, it's hard to find good quality, affordable prices AND something that helps me feel attractive’.

‘Just starting out, wearing these corsets, for only a few hours, I could notice a difference. I could breathe without the popping and pain, but I also was held straighter and so my spine was able to "take a break", if you will. Not only that, but it allows for my shoulder blades to stay put better and it even helped shift my organs where they actually belong. Yes, it's as dramatic as it sounds. When I take the corset off, I can still feel the positive difference for a while and even wake with less pain’.

Braxtin started off with one of our basic champagne and black corsets, in a longline style as she says it helps camouflage her ‘mommy tummy’. She wanted to have different options to wear under different colours, or even alone for a night out, so she invested in a few styles to offer not just her wardrobe support, but her everyday comfort and wellbeing.

She says: ‘ They feel amazing and soft, are well structured and the tie is so long I have plenty of room to get it on myself. I also have my eye on plenty more! I'm waiting for the Astronomy and a hand beaded one too! I enjoy the idea of wearing them out for a special occasion or for when I'm working’.

Braxtin likes to wear her basic corsets under jeans or dresses with a layered t-shirt on top, stating that it’s simple and makes her feel much more confident.

‘I cannot wait to have a whole collection of these and due to the AMAZING customer service of this company, I'm definitely a lifer! It says so much when a company and owner cares directly about their customers. I highly recommend taking a risk and purchasing a couple of these awesome additions, for your wardrobe!’.

Corsets can offer so many benefits to the wearer, as clearly shown by Braxtin and her amazing story. For any assistance choosing the perfect corset for you, get in touch: