Zip Back Steel Corset with Shoulder Straps and Adjustable Hip Panels


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Waist reduction

Traditional Corset designed for serious waist reduction - Improved posture & superior bust support, comfortable alternative to a bra Gives you the appearance of a more toned silhouette.

Disguise rating

Garments which ideally will be used for outerwear. Lighter weight corsets & sleek designs often with sleeves, not impossible to disguise under clothing but additional design features can make it trickier than need be Comfortable & breathable, Suitable for wearing all day.

Comfort rating

Underbust patterns in Man-made fibres or overbust patterns in more breathable fabrics. Suitable for all day wear but if comfort is your priority there are more comfortable options available. Less advanced patterns which do not have hip gores/panels incorporated may feature Sleek design with ribbon lacing.
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Waist Taming

Traditional Corsetry offering profound Waist Reduction for when you really want to dress up!

Exceptional control and comfort in our most encompassing range. Our Waist Taming corsets offer a waist reduction of up to 4” without compromising on style. We have a wide range of styles and patterns for both outer and underwear. If you are serious about waist reduction and style then this is the range for you. Home to our Steampunk and Burlesque collections, there is a Waist Taming corset for everyone.  Not only are Waist Taming corsets available in Regular & Longline lengths but the re-enforced construction offers ample support for larger busts. Hip gores or hip panels as standard offering enhanced comfort and curve.

  • Rated to a 4” Waist Reduction
  • Fully adjustable cord lacing & modesty panel
  • Loops for suspender clips as standard and loops for bra straps (overbust only)
  • Wider Width Spiral Steel Boning
  • Superior support and control
  • Striking & unique designs for any occasion


This full steel boned corset will shape your waist one size smaller instantly with an alternative design. This piece is part of our Instant Shape range, where comfort and fashion go hand in hand. Feminine florals offset this darker, monochromatic corset, and its muted tones make it the perfect companion corset top to almost anything. With adjustable hip panels, a silver back zip and shoulder straps (featuring a hook and eye join), this corset is equal parts function and beauty. Fishnet over satin and black cord lacing are just some of the alluring accents that add to the edgy charm of this piece. If you’re looking for something out of the mainstream, this corset is ideal for you.

  • Style: Overbust, Regular Length
  • Instant Shape
  • Corset Features: Hip and overbust Frill, Shoulder Straps With hooks and eyes, Hip Lacing detail, Floral Print , Mesh Panels
  • Colour: Black and Silver
  • Elasticated Waist Reduction with Zip back 
  • Achievable Waist Reduction: 2"
  • Sweetheart Bustline 
  • Strong Waist Tape
  • 6 suspender loops 
  • Outer Material: 100% Nylon Spandex, Lycra Rib
  • 4mm Lightweight Spiral Steel Bones, 7mm Lightweight Flat Steel Bones

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