5 for 1 Multi-buy offer - Limited to 2500 corsets
Simply add any 5 Corsets to your basket and pay for only the most expensive item - No Coupon Code Required!


5 for 1 Sale on all corsets is now available! As you probably know we have been working very hard over the past few years on all new patterns, designs and garments types. These "All New" collections will start to be launched from Autumn this year. 

To make way for these new corsets we do need to clear some space and free up some funds. At present we have around 70,000 corsets in stock in our warehouse which need to find loving homes. 

Over the course of the August and September we will be offering some fantastic offers. Once these corsets have sold through the plan is to move to a new pricing model and retire all Multibuy offers from the website.

In the last 7 days we have tested a few different Multibuys offers, by far and away the most popular offer was indeed the "5 for 1 Multibuy" offer! We received hundreds of messages asking if we could extend the offer or if it would be run again in the future, so I have made the decision to extend this offer for our North American customers but limited it to 2500 orders. 

Once we have received 5000 orders the offer will end, maybe never to be repeated (I will be honest with you all now though, we do have 70,000 corsets to sell so it might be back for a brief time at the end of August/beginning of September).

Our new collections are already in production, the plan is to have removed all of the Multibuy offers before these new capsules are launched

I hope this explains the offer, feel free to email me at chris@corset-story.com if there is anything you would like to suggest or discuss

Chris Rawlings

CEO & Founder - Corset Story Ltd

Returns/Exchanges - Returning items purchased on the "5 for 1 Sale" promotion are accepted and managed through the Online Returns Manager as normal. If returning for a refund please note that you will need to return all items on your order to be entitled to a refund. In the scenario where you only return 1, 2, 3 or 4 items you will have to pay full price for the item(s) that you have kept. 

Exchange is different however! You can exchange 1,2,3,4 or 5 of your corsets for different sizes or designs of course.
For more information feel free to contact customer services