Waist Taming

Corset Story Waist Taming corsets are Traditional Steel Boned Corsets designed for those of you looking for a little more romance, adventure & fun. Our designers have taken inspiration from the rich history of corsets including established genres like Burlesque as well as relatively modern genres such as Steampunk. All Waist Taming corsets are rated to a 4" Waist Reduction with design and finish suiting all taste and occasions. 

The unique patterns and silhouettes of our Waist Taming range have been designed and developed by our very own in-house Product Team here at Corset Story.  Our patterns, measurements and fit are better than ever as we have undertaken robust market research and listened to our customer feedback so that our new elegant Waist Taming corsets can be worn by a wide variety of body shapes and sizes. We believe we have crafted our most comfortable waist training corset to date!

Waist Taming uses a combination of extremely flexible spiral and rigid flat steel boning to take up to 4 inches off the waistline, giving you the classic "corset" look and hourglass figure, while its waist tape, contrast eyelets and elegant cord lacing make correct positioning both quick and simple.

So look to Waist Taming to help you to achieve a dramatic shapely figure.