Pink and White Elasticated Corset Shirt


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Waist reduction

For those more serious about creating hourglass silhouettes our Waist Taming corsets offer a dramatic reduction of up to 4". Most likely paired with corset cording to add strength for tight lacing Gives you the appearance of a more toned silhouette.

Disguise rating

Difficult to disguise, likely from outerwear ranges designed to look like tops with fashionable features you want to show off. Frills and off the shoulder sleeves or decorative high necklines would make this design hard to conceal. Comfortable & breathable, Suitable for wearing all day.

Comfort rating

Overbust patterns in synthetics fabrics that are less breathable than other styles. Likely designs wore to be seen, tie straps or front lacing details add beautiful touches to corsets but can make the style slightly hard to get on and off. You might find these styles lace up with cording, which has more power to hold you in but less comfortable than ribbon. Sleek design with ribbon lacing.
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Instant Shape

Shape your waist, look one dress size slimmer instantly.

Whether you are looking for a fashion top or a comfortable undergarment, Instant Shape is a great entry level corset. Rated to a 2” Waist Reduction these garments have fully adjustable lacing allowing you to cinch your waist and smooth your shape.  Ribbon lacing makes this range easy to disguise under clothing, available in a wide range of patterns and fabrics including longline recommended for ladies over 5ft 7”

  • Rated to a 2” Waist Reduction.
  • Fully adjustable ribbon lacing & modesty panel
  • Loops for suspender clips as standard and loops for bra straps (overbust only)
  • The latest fashions featuring sleeves for extra coverage
  • Easy to disguise under most clothing
  • Spiral Steel Boning
  • Comfortable patterns often finished in breathable fabrics, perfect for everyday wear


We’ve built our amazing traditional corset with full steel boning into this beautiful embroidered cotton shirt, offering you a modest waist reduction without compromising on fashion or comfort. Ombre dusky pink tones offset the white corset to create a wonderfully feminine garment, and our talented team of in-house tailors have embroidered a graceful floral sprig with buds and petals in lavender, pink and silver-grey to finish this truly stunning corset shirt. Ruche sleeves and a button cuff finishing just above the elbow make this a memorable piece. Forgoing the traditional lacing, this corset has an elasticated back to make it easier than ever to take off and put on.

  • Style: Overbust Shirt, Regular Length
  • Range: Waist Taming
  • Short Sleeved
  • Corset Design Features: Traditional Shirt Collar, Gathered Sleeve with Buttons, Contemporary Elastic Shirred Back, Floral Appliqué  
  • Colour: Pink & White
  • Elasticated Back 
  • Achievable Waist Reduction: 4"
  • Strong Waist Tape
  • Outer Material: 100% Polyester
  • Lining: 100% Cotton Twill
  • 4mm Lightweight Spiral Steel Bones,7mm Lightweight Flat Steel Bones

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